No Natz Bug Spray by Worldwide Golf Shops

"No Natz 2 oz. Bug Spray The all-natural No Natz 2 oz Bug Spray is a great product for any outdoor activities including; sports, boating, fishing, golfing, hiking and outdoor?jobs. It's made with the finest essential oils including?Rosemary, Lemongrass and Lavender with a Coconut or Olive Oil base. It is hypoallergenic,?skin conditioning and won't stain clothing. This bottle is a 2oz pump spray that fits nicely into your pocket, purse or backpack. Shake well before spraying and apply liberally to exposed skin and scalp. Reapply as needed after swimming, sweating?or towel drying. Features: Repels Gnats, Mosquitos, No-See-Ums, Biting Flies and Chiggers All-natural 2oz pump spray Made with essential oils Hypo-allergenic Pet friendly No deet Conditions the skin Safe for children Pleasant, Fresh Fragrance Won't stain clothing Safe on synthetics No harmful chemicals Proven safe & effective Safe on?synthetics Great for any outdoor activity"

Price: $7.99
Condition: new

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